I bumped into a private security guard shortly after taking these shots. He told me I needed a permit to photograph the shopping center. Citing terrorism as the reason.

Well I don’t have one. I don’t plan on purchasing one. So I guess that means I’ll be seeing you in court skipper.

On a completely unrelated note, I also witnessed a man up sticks and run away from his spouse on this night. They were crossing the street towards me, I heard her say something harsh under her breath. A few minutes later I saw them on an opposite corner. She started yelling: “Goddamnit Chris! You have the house key, take me home!” At which point the man, with his back straight and his chin up, broke into a run, never to be heard from again.

My Only Photograph

You claimed that the world could strip you of everything you had rightfully earned, that you would wake up the next the next morning, smile, and take it all back. And thus everything that you are not would go to show you that there are things you can have but never claim that you earned, irreplaceable things.